For too long now, bullying has been a silent epidemic in our schools.  Senseless suicides of bullied kids & teens has finally given a voice to its victims and a spotlight to its long-term dangers. And a movement towards kindness and empathy has led to more compassionate bystanders. 

That’s the good news.  The bad news is that

bullying isn’t going away any time soon.

Despite this, more work can be devoted to

resisting its impact. No victim shaming here. 

Bullying has a long & complicated history. 

And like most social issues, it continues to evolve with no easy solutions.

We believe that a resistance to bullying is possible through a combination of Social & Emotional Learning and a Growth Mindset applied to age-appropriate to Martial Arts.

The Mission of Empowered Upstanders

Anti-Bullying Club is to pass on Communication Skills necessary to become more bully-resistant, as well as an appreciation for diversity that transitions well to being a friend-in-need whenever social oppression occurs.  After all, Friendships are the seeds to kids standing together to resist bullying.

Upstanders Origins

For more than 25 years, Richard Alonzo has dedicated his life to empowering individuals through martial arts.  He’s inspired thousands of kids via after school enrichment classes and at various martial arts schools.  He started teaching  while in college, working with at-risk youths at inner city schools in East Oakland, CA before returning to L.A. where he taught kids in Watts. 

After Child Development classes enhanced his ability to work with younger kids, he set out to develop a method of introducing kids as young as 3.5 years old to martial arts.  He came up with the Wee Kick Program, a fun, age-appropriate introduction to martial arts for kids in Pre-K and Kindergarten that helps with motor skills, balance, strength and flexibility through martial arts.

Mindful meditation promotes awareness and empathy, but also brings compassion and an appreciation for diversity. Role play in verbal and non-verbal assertiveness teaches kids about the importance of setting and respecting boundaries. Finally, emotional & physical resilience is gained through martial arts training, to not only build self-esteem, but to give kids a broader sense of community.  Adding a healthy dose of laughter, love and fun allows these Life Skills to take root and grow into a resistance to bullying & peer pressure.

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