Do you have or know a child who’s experienced bullying this past schoolyear? 

The Upstander Kids Anti-bullying Camp can help!

We’ve been teaching kids how to protect themselves against bullying via on-site afterschool enrichment martial arts classes since 1991,  And after adding Child Development to our qualifications and teach-

ing for 10 years at Rainbow Camp at St. Martin of Tours in Brentwood and 4 years at tocaloma Camp in Los Angeles, we learned a few things:  Kids who participate in activities that they’re passionate about tend to be more resistant to the adverse effects of bullying.  That’s why our camp activities are designed to help kids find an activity to be passionate about!

We have weekly discussions about Personal Space (the physical kind & the personal space between our ears!) and the difference between being rude, being mean, and bullying*, and we revisit this topic whenever there’s a new camper joining the group.  Not surprisingly, most of the kids who come to our Summer Camp mistake ‘being mean’ for bullying.  Daily Boundary-Setting Role Play defines the perimeters of that personal space and teaches kids to be assertive.

At Upstander Kids, Camp size is limited to 20-25 kids per day because we believe that a more personalized approach to dealing with bullying is necessary.  We don’t want kids to have to remember what to do, we want it to become part of who they are!  Against a backdrop of daily group activities like indoor/outdoor sports & games, dance, yoga, mindful meditation, martial arts, and a few other surprises, conflicts are closely observed and gently guided through a process of emotional self-regulation until both kids can reach a resolution.  That’s where we really get to see the benefits of the mindfulness activities that make ours a uniquely empoering experience for kids!

When Kids learn to not give power over ther emotions to anyone else,

the experience can be empowering and liberating!

If we want our kids to learn to stand up for themselves, to stand up for others,to stand up for their dreams, or to stand up for what they believe in, they need to learn to set boundaries while they’re still young: If a Lack of Boundaries invites a Lack of Respect, then

*Click to read Rude Vs. Mean Vs. Bullying: Defining The Differences by Signe Whitson, HUFFPOST