Upstander Kids Anti-Bullying Camp is an immersive program with empowering daily exercises in Boundary Setting, age appropriate Self-Defense, Team Sports & Games, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Yoga, Mindful Meditation, and Chess.  There's even martial arts training led by a former stunt performer from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!


But what exactly is an Upstander?  An Upstander is someone who Stands Up for others when a bullying incident occurs. Most kids may possess the empathy and courage to take action, but they aren't always equipped to handle the repercussions of standing up to bullying alone.  So most kids resist only when they have backup.  But that's not always convenient, is it?

We've been teaching kids how to protect themselves since 1991, and minimizing its effects starts with a strong self esteem. Kids who participate in activities that they're passionate about, usually have a lot of it!  So our Camp Activities are designed to help kids find an activity to be passionate about.  And if their search continues after Camp, at least they'll have proven anti-bullying protocols in their pocket the next time bullying happens.


Summer in Los Angeles? Paradise. 

Kids exhausted by sundown? Bonus. 

Mindfully empowered bully-resistant kids? Priceless.